Invitation to experience Dutch drone culture

Dear Tommy, Stingy,

we saw your Rotor Riot episode on Mexican drone culture. We also heard that you are coming to Droneclash on 16 March 2019 in the Netherlands. We’d like to take the opportunity to show you the Dutch drone culture.

We are Platform Drone Racing NL (PDRNL), an organization consisting of multiple Dutch drone race organizations that coordinate and stimulate drone racing and freestyle in the Netherlands. As such, we are in contact with most of the Dutch race and freestyle pilots.

The Dutch drone scene typically flies outside during summer (in bandos, at beaches and dunes, in forests and over water). Due to the weather we are forced to move inside and underground during autumn, winter and early spring. Indoor is thus a big part of fpv-life over here. We’d love to take the opportunity to introduce you to both types of flying as well as to many Dutch pilots (pro and beginner, freestyle and racers, old and very young).

Below you can find a list of some of the locations we usually fly at and where we can take you too. We’d love to get in touch with you and show you around.

On behalf of the Dutch drone community,

Indoor spots

There are two permanent indoor tracks in the Netherlands, The Post Office (TPO) by Total Drone Xperience and Aerial51. TPO is a training location for racers, including timing and video registration etc. The current TPO track can be seen here

The previous TPO track can be seen here:

Aerial51 is a more casual flying place and can be found here:

Bi-weekly races are organized by Blobfish in a hangar

and Dutch Drone Squad in a cycling complex:

Sporadically, races are organized in this awesome graffiti bando

in Skateparks such as

or garages such as


Outdoor of course a lot of fun flying and races are held on grass fields. There are however also famous bandos, such as the one you may know from Sander Sassen’s footage:

or other old Dutch industrial spots such as

Apart from that we have awesome parks and great pilots such as shown here by Shaggy

Forest / dunes


More forest

More dunes

and of course parks