WEX Machine

WEX Machine,” (with Roel Wouters and Vincent Lindeboom), a Physical Website as Permanent Installation recursively connecting the on- and the offline, Amsterdam, w139, Amsterdam, June 2009 – September 2010.

A website and installation for W139 , an Amsterdam-based exhibition and production space for contemporary art. Amsterdam, NL, 2009-2010.

The WEX Machine is a table that is photographed from top every 5 min. The photograph is automatically published on the front page of W139. This allows visitors and staff members from the W139 to easily and instantly publish their thoughts, wishes or announcements to the web.The WEX is dressed with a touch screen to access the W139’s archive, a silver sphere to peek inside the gallery space and a printer that allows online visitors to upload images, artworks or thoughts to the physical gallery space.

The WEX’S name is a combination of the words W139 and EXtender. We also like the link with the memex a hypothetical proto-hypertext system that Vannevar Bush described in 1945.

In collaboration with Roel Wouters.

The WEX Machine is a project by Roel Wouters & Erik Borra, produced by Vincent Lindeboom. Developed together with the staff members of W139 and Rene Bakker. Thanks to Hidde Meulenbeek for GUI detailing and graphic design assistance, Van Tetterode Glasobjekten, Daan Meijer. Thank you! Florian Cramer for your words at the opening.

The Wex machine has also been exhibited at Art Amsterdam in May 2010.

The timelapse of an exhibition:

Inside the sphere: