Masters of Media

“Masters of Media WordPress Theme,” UvA Mediastudies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, October 2007.

Issue Scraper

“,” (with,, and, suite of scraping tools: Google, Google News, Google Scholar, Google Images, Yahoo, Technorati,, etc, 2005 – 2009.

Tape Mixer

“Tape Mixer,” a music video mash-up linking recommendations to Youtube clips, also providing pictures, lyrics, biographies, and web shop integration, 2007 – 2012.

Meta Reporter

“,” faceted search plugin for wordpress, ajax/php/html/css, 2008-2012.

De Ramp

On 1 February 1953 the Netherlands faced a huge flood, which is commonly remembered as ‘the disaster’ (de ramp). Since 2009 all the names of the victims of the flood can be found on the website, including their date of birth and town of birth. Moreover, relatives and friends can add their memories about the victims. The website […]

NISEnet Geo Network

“Interactive Geographical Visualization of the NISEnet Network,” (with Informationlab), sql/xml/google maps/dhtml/css/ajax, Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, San Fransisco, US, June 2007.

In collaboration with Roel Wouters Website for a program in de Balie Center for Culture and Politics, including a research pile based on user-generated content using the tag network around ‘media criticism’. The website announces, shows, and archives these events. Events can be open or closed. If al events are closed the research-pile becomes […]

Delete From Internet

(with Michael Stevenson and Esther Weltevrede), web service to nominate web pages for deletion, February 2008.

Leaky Garden shows which ‘walled gardens’ leak, and which are watertight. Social network sites and other Web 2.0 services with usernames and logins are analyzed for the amount of indexed items in Google. How often have the usernames from the 2.0 sites been indexed by Google? Leaky Garden shows the quantity of leaks per 2.0 […]

Mapping Controversies, (with DMI), Faceted Multi-Level Classification of controversy mapping tactics, perl/ajax/css, February 2009 – . Part of the EU 7th Framework project MACOSPOL.