De Ramp

On 1 February 1953 the Netherlands faced a huge flood, which is commonly remembered as ‘the disaster’ (de ramp). Since 2009 all the names of the victims of the flood can be found on the website, including their date of birth and town of birth. Moreover, relatives and friends can add their memories about the victims. The website […]

Mapping Controversies, (with DMI), Faceted Multi-Level Classification of controversy mapping tactics, perl/ajax/css, February 2009 – . Part of the EU 7th Framework project MACOSPOL.

WEX Machine

“WEX Machine,” (with Roel Wouters and Vincent Lindeboom), a Physical Website as Permanent Installation recursively connecting the on- and the offline, Amsterdam, w139, Amsterdam, June 2009 – September 2010. A website and installation for W139 , an Amsterdam-based exhibition and production space for contemporary art. Amsterdam, NL, 2009-2010. The WEX Machine is a table that […]