elfriendo is a Web 2.0 compliant European start-up company, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our business is profilization – professionalizing, optimizing and automating your profile on MySpace, the world’s largest social networking site. elfriendo keeps your profile active fresh. √ Fill Me In: Generate a new profile from scratch. √ Check Fit: Compare two users, […]

IP Browser

The IP Browser creates an alternative browsing experience that foregrounds the Web’s machine habitat and returns the user back to the basics of orderly Web browsing. The IP Browser looks up your IP address, and allows you to browse the Websites in your IP neighborhood, one by one in the order in which they are […]

Oracle Machine

“This is what we write, this is what we read; this is how we deal with information today.” The Orakelmachine (Oracle Machine) was an interactive installation by Jeroen Joosse devised for the façade of De Balie, a cultural centre at one of the main squares in Amsterdam. It displayed a continuous stream of statements and opinions […]


In collaboration with Roel Wouters Website for a program in de Balie Center for Culture and Politics, including a research pile based on user-generated content using the del.icio.us tag network around ‘media criticism’. The website announces, shows, and archives these events. Events can be open or closed. If al events are closed the research-pile becomes […]

Whatever Button

“Whatever Button,” (with Michael Stevenson), changes Firefox form buttons like ‘I agree’ in Whatever, April 2007.

Misspelling Generator

… exploring corrective info-culture regimes and censorship circumvention … In general, a search engine is presented as an objective tool, although it is its underlying code which defines the possible outcomes. An integral part of a search engine is the spelling control which suggests alternative words if it suspects that you have misspelled your search terms, […]


(with mediamatic.net), interactive RFID installation querying Google about person information and visualizing it through a projection on a table surface, Picnic07, Amsterdam, September 2007. On September 25th – 29th, the cross media week picnic07 took place in Amsterdam. I was invited by Mediamatic to participate in a RFID hacking workshop. The goal was clear: put […]

Delete From Internet

(with Michael Stevenson and Esther Weltevrede), web service to nominate web pages for deletion, February 2008.

WEX Machine

“WEX Machine,” (with Roel Wouters and Vincent Lindeboom), a Physical Website as Permanent Installation recursively connecting the on- and the offline, Amsterdam, w139, Amsterdam, June 2009 – September 2010. A website and installation for W139 , an Amsterdam-based exhibition and production space for contemporary art. Amsterdam, NL, 2009-2010. The WEX Machine is a table that […]